Historic Homes “Port Crest” is a beautiful contemporary apartment project based on “Value Home” concept. Port Crest have all essential amenities with luxury and quality for your investment. Port Crest project is based on value home concept. The Port Crest is completely up-to-date with all the essential amenities you expect for your investment. Premium lifestyle and modern amenities for an affordable value. Get a luxuries apartment with budgetary price. An imagination fulfilled at dream value. An opportunity to gear up for a new beginning. Comfortable stay, friendly and relaxed environment for tomorrow. Crafted with great imagination keeping all your New Age Living expectation in mind for a value home.

“Port Crest” well planned to offer care, comfort, security, privacy, activity, serenity and a great environment to fulfil resident’s lifestyle expectations. The new home with true richness and lifestyle can make a great meaning for your life. It is a golden opportunity to possess an apartment at unbelievable price. A right decision which can bring calm smile on your face when you relaxing on your couch. Your choice will be a dream for others. Kozhikode lets you live a premium lifestyle surrounded by nature. You have an option choose from 14 different floor plans in three floors of “Port Crest” comes with a furnished lobby, landscape area, Children’s play area, state of the art Fitness Centre etc.

Providing little one rich and choicest childhood which cherish their memories.

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