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Historic VillerVille



Historic VillerVille

Nestled in the hillocks of Wayanad is the Historic VillerVille family luxury resort, which once completed will be the right spot for happy relaxation. You will get imbibed into it as it's a wonderful indulgence. The scenic location up a hillock and the surrounding greenery add to the charm. Once completed, it's going to be great in every aspect of it.  You'll love it for certain. Enjoy the hospitality and the quality of the servings and the services rendered.

Come to our resort to unwind & rediscover your latent creative spirits and prepare yourself for another active performance. Here, you will discover another you in you for sure when you come and relish a stay at VillerVille.  Life out here is truly great and a worthy investment on all counts.


With VillerVille we'll introduce you to a great word too pleasureinvest. You can now invest directly and rest assured to harvest a lot of pleasures for the whole of your life. A meagre amount of money thoughtfully invested can ensure you an entry to this multi-crore project and can fetch you everlasting returns. It's pleasurable as well as an opportunity. Strike the Iron when it's hot!

Enter & Explore into your own inner greatness. Escape to an exemplary expanse of happiness, we'll introduce you to a great world. An intelligent investment! Reap benefits life-long and bequeath it to your coming generations.

Ensure golden evenings in your life. Simply go for VillerVille Pleasureinvest.

Take a great share of the pleasureinvest opportunity.

Pleasure in life is what everyone wants. Ensure it for you and for your coming generations.  Simply book a slot of your choice at any time of the year come and stay at our resort once it's complete: buy a share and ensure a comfortable holiday with all amenities and facilities for any period. As you desire. Round the year, Year after year, and for life.

Ha... It's wonderful isn't it? Its pleasurable news by all means: isn't it? Believe us: it's not like anything before it's a great investment opportunity! The only one of its kind! Harvest a lot of benefits. Pass it on to your heirs. It's available for a limited time it's allotted for limited personnel only. Even then let your pleasures be unlimited. So rush with your desires

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The construction of the Structures, Roads and Walkways are so thoughtfully designed & carefully constructed

All RCC structures conform to the IS 456 standards &the latest IS Codes.

  • All outside wall masonry are in rough- hewn Laterite  /Solid Cement Blocks and inside walls in single Red Bricks /Solid Cement Blocks.

    Pitch roofs with MS Truss structure and roofed with Mangalore Roofing Tiles and fortified with Ceiling Tiles


    Inside the buildings too we have done everything in accordance to your tastes and trends of the modern times:

    • Natural flooring materials or with premium quality Vitrified tiles for floors

    • Laminate wooden and high quality ceramic floor Tile flooring in rooms for premium villas

    • Antiskid Vitrified/high quality Ceramic Floor Tiles/ Natural granite with spacer in bathrooms

    • Bathroom wall made with Ceramic Tiles up to the  false Ceiling

    Doors, Windows & Banisters

    We have used the best available materials to ensure comfort and quality in living

    • Banisters or balcony railing with Steel or wooden materials properly affixed

    • Main door Bedroom and Toilet doors made of Double Side laminate with Timber frame & Architraves and epistyles

    • All other external doors are manufactured in specially designed Aluminium extruded frames

    • High quality Ironware and fittings for all doors.

    • Aluminium windows with powder coat finish


    We have used Colours, Pigments and Paints of high quality. Only materials with recommended standards are used. The designs have been arrived at by the trained artisans who have put in long years in painting.

    The landscape

    You will find the land is modified beautifully without losing even a little of its natural ambience

    Some of its specialties include:

      • Endless lush greenery, long-winding plantations, Beautiful manmade waterfalls, Farms and the land Spans to 324 acres.

      • Terraced landscaping

    The Walkways

    The land is made so enjoyable with aesthetically elegant walkways and approach roads. We have used:

    • Natural Granite Cobble Stones for entry Yard area.

    • Paved Blocks / Concrete Blocks for internal Roads

    • Buggy access to all Villas

    The Sanitary Fittings something more

    To ensure proper health, Comfort and style we have made our toilets and other utility areas like that with premium materials and in accordance with the modern styles.

    • Premium Qualify Sanitary Ware.

    • Wall hung EWC wall concealed flush Tank.

    • CP Fittings � Diverter /Hot & Cold Mixer unit with Rain shower facility. Towel Rod, Robe Hook and Soap dish in all bathrooms

    The water

    Ground water sources through sump & overhead tanks

    Something more

    • LED Lighting in common area and rooms

    • Sewage Treatment plant

    • Sufficient Car Parking

    • Cable /Satellite TV

    • Broadband/4G Internet Connectivity

    • Electronic PABX system

    • Waste Disposal System-Aerobic Microbial Composting of biodegradable material using Biobin system

    • Seamless Power System

    The Recreational Avenues:

      • Infinity Swimming Pool

      • Kids Pool

      • Pool Deck

      • Changing Room with Locker Facilities

      • Air-conditioned Cafeteria with open & indoor facility

      • Barbeque Space

      • Open Party Space

      • Air-conditioned Multipurpose Hall

      • Library

      • Pool Table

      • Table Tennis

      • Cards &Caroms Room

      • Air-conditioned Kids Gaming Station

      • Half Basketball Court

      • Badminton Court

      • Jogging Track

      • Amphitheatre

      • Campfire

      • Outdoor Kids Play Area

      • Cricket Pitch

    Security Assurances

      • Surveillance camera in the common areas

      • Digitally controlled access to rooms

      • Round the clock security

      • Intercom system with connection to the reception

      • Lightening Arrestor

      • Modern Fire fighting equipment as per KBR & Kerala Fire Service Rules

    Some other Facilities

      • Wi-Fi enabled designer entrance lobby, Rooms & Public area

      • Eco-friendly atmosphere

      • Air-conditioned Spa (Steam Bath & Treatment Rooms)

      • Private Swimming Pool and Private Gardens for premium Villas

      • All rooms are Air-conditioned with private Balcony & panoramic view

    • A Lake & Manmade waterfall.

An infinity pool and a lot of things of that sort helps you extend your stay edgeless. It flows to infinity without known boundaries. The body of crystalline water expands up to the horizon. You will discover the endless expanses of natural luxury. It's wonderful to dip yourself into the cosy comforts of a temperature controlled pool. Perhaps it's the first and the only one of its kind in this locality.

    • Posh dwelling areas

You'll surely be surprised. You'll find greatness in every aspects of it stroll down the paved walkways winding through the garden. Inhaling the exotic scent from the wild flowers you certainly will be transported to another world of unimaginable romantic beauty. Go and have a nap in the lap of the serene tranquillity.

    • Temperature controlled Infinity Pool

The enjoyable, safe expanse of water spreads up to offing. Here the pool seems endless. The pleasures also are endless here you will find water with no boundary here. Swim, Dive or just keep yourself afloat till you get satiated, exotic exhilarating and with unfathomable enjoyment. Come and dip yourself into the pleasures of this pool.

    • Snooker

The coloured balls and the cued pole surely relax you. Play it as often as you like. Your family can while away sometimes playfully at our snooker parlour. Play or learn playing snooker joyfully. Ours is a comprehensive play centre. You can go on enjoying your days.

    • Amphitheatre

At the vomitory of the coliseum itself, you are going to be surprised. Its natural ambience will please you fully. You can repose on the tiered seats or the galleries of the Amphitheatre. Watch variety entertainments or the various programmes conducted. Alternatively you can book this area to conduct programmes or events designed by you too. It's a perfect natural setting to please any audience.

    • Kid's corner

If your children can launch themselves into a spontaneous playful mood and if they go on frolicking at any place, remember that place is a heaven for sure. Let loose your children at Kid's corner and they will play around and learn enjoying life. The play area is designed for recreation and play. See-saws, Slides, Swings, Swimming pools, Water courses and play grounds of many sorts make it a much sought after place for children. They will love it and like to linger there for long. Bring them every year.

    • Fitness Fortress

We must be fit, be agile and active always. A proper workout is ideal for this. At VillerVille we have a fitness centre fitted with all modern fitness equipment. We have men to instruct, perfectly on the use of this equipment. It's going to be a wonderful course in itself. You can continue it back home too. Our people will assist you for that.

    • Courts to play on

At VillerVille you can play on... Continue enjoying the Life. You can ensure proper health of both psyche and your physique alike that's why we have provided a Badminton Court, Basket Ball Court, Cricket Pitch and things of that sort to ensure that you enjoy. Play your life.

    • Indoor Game Parlour

We have planned an indoor game parlour for your kids here in our project. As you know your kids need the latest. Let them get acquainted with elite habits & playing freely helps in achieving proper mental and intellectual growth.  Let them have a hands-on-experience in the most modern edutainment tools. Help them keep ahead of their peers. Make their vacations too playfully educative and memorable for life.

    • Meeting Hall

You may meet over trivial matters at times. Often the meeting could be over a great issue to be solved urgently. The ambience of the hall is to be conducive, must be matching to your purposes of whatever sort it may be. At the same time enough tension-relieving factors must be incorporated in it by way of infrastructural facilities. We provide you that. Simply that! Meet conveniently as often as you can at our meeting halls made exactly for your purpose take a share and possess it lifelong.

    • Cricket Craze

You may be a fad of cricket or something like that. A holiday must not deny you means for keeping your good habits. Rather it must provide you with enhanced opportunities to whet your talents in Sports, Games or Fine Arts. Go in the morning or at any time you like to play cricket with a team or with your own family members as you fancy it.  Take home a share of your game.

    • Stay out in the wild

We have a camping area. You can stay under the moon in open camps, light a camp-fire and enjoy the wild beauty of nature. Cook, eat, enjoy and dance in the open with your family members. Ensure your share in the whole event.

    • Spa and Pools

We have separate Spa for ladies and gents. Temperature controlled, TDS monitored, Safety ensured aquatic atmosphere prevails here. Swim across, keep afloat, have a healthy bath and enjoy your share of time.

    • Farms

Aesthetically maintained farms are another specialty of VillerVille. Many a species of exotic love-birds are reared here in captivity. Our aesthetically designed bird breeding blocks will be scientifically built. A lot of vegetables and fruits will be grown here to ensure what you eat here are made of fresh stuff. Apart from that we'll have Aquariums, Gardens and Orchards to refresh you totally. Won't you agree these are wholly healthy a proposition!


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